Further Testimonials

“As a conference coordinator, I know what a challenge it is to find an expert professional with a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise that is able to impart that knowledge in an engaging, charismatic and user friendly manner, but Lindsay Peer succeeds with grace and excellence.

It was an honour and privilege to invite her to speak as the KEYNOTE presenter at our Professional Minds conference on Learning Difficulties in South Africa in 2014.  Lindsay’s warm and comfortable manner, her unwavering energy and wonderful sense of humour and her ability to expertly entwine theoretical content with personal anecdotes and case studies, ensures that her presentations remain meaningful, relevant and engaging. What really impressed us was her ability to present on such a vast topic to a very multidisciplinary South African audience and still manage to keep it relevant to everyone and ensure that everyone left feeling stimulated, enlightened and empowered to take action.  Our delegates absolutely LOVED her and we look forward to bringing her back to present for us again. She is an incredible resource and would an asset and a drawcard to any conference!”

 “Lindsay has been hugely supportive over the years in our battle to get the right support for our daughter. She has written perceptive, detailed reports, appeared at a SEN Tribunal, and offered very useful advice.  She is definitely a great expert to have on your side!”

"Lindsay Peer is an expert in her field. She also has a lovely way with children that puts them at their ease. She told our daughter "It's my job to help you be happier at school" which got immediate cooperation. Lindsay's report was prompt and very full, providing practical help as well as specialist detail for use by schools and other education professionals.  We also had further opportunity to discuss the recommendations. Lindsay is a pleasure to deal with."  

"Lindsay has assessed both of our children. We were seeking a Statement of Special Educational Needs for our son and a clearer understanding of our daughter’s needs so that we could seek extra provision for her GCSE and A levels. The assessments were written in a very clear straightforward manner, and her recommendations for future support were excellent. During the assessment process we found Lindsay to be very approachable; she listens to and clearly understands both parents and children. She is calm and caring; her humanity comes shining through in everything she does.  

Lindsay appeared for us as an expert witness at Tribunal. She was very professional with the Panel and provide very much needed support at a very difficult time in our lives. She has the ability to clearly and forensically explain very complex needs. When she assessed him our son was basically nonverbal, yet she was able to bridge the communication divide and help ensure that he was awarded a placement in one of the country’s leading speech and language schools.

Our son has gone on to study on a level 3 course at a mainstream college; our daughter is reading English Literature at a Russell Group University."  

"Dr Lindsay Peer recently assessed our ten year old son. She brings a wealth of knowledge and a terrific warmth to the assessment process. Her feedback was both clear and constructive. Most significantly she treated our son very much as an individual and brought the best out of him. Her child focused approach meant he actually enjoyed the assessment! Our session and Dr Peer's subsequent report has given us reassurance as parents and a greater understanding of the challenges our son is working with - most importantly her positive attitude has given him his own more confidence and strategies to tackle them."

“Dr Peer’s psychological insight and professional reports are clear and comprehensive. With admirable clarity and brevity, she has confidence based on deep professional knowledge and expertise to be able to explain her conclusions to a Court or Tribunal. I would unreservedly commend Dr Peer to any parent who is seeking an insight into their child's functioning.”

“Dr Peer is recognised as one of the lead experts in dyslexia in the country. Her work as an independent expert witness is of the highest level. She always provides an independent, professional and impartial view of the students she has assessed. Her assessments are thorough, and her advice is helping hundreds of children and students in their ability to achieve and fulfil their potential. I would recommend Dr Peer’s services to any parent who is seeking an independent view regarding their child’s special educational needs.”

“I have been privileged to work with Lindsay Peer over many years and she is “peerless” in terms of her expertise and knowledge. Her passion for her work is striking and her feedback from clients, colleagues and peers is exemplary. The Helen Arkell Centre was lucky to have her with us for a numbers of years as an Educational Psychologist. She has greatly enhanced our reputation with her work and her conference presentations. I am a better practitioner and specialist because of what she has shared with us.”

“Dr Peer is one of the country’s leading experts in Dyslexia with an international reputation for this work. She is an experienced expert witness who knows how to write so that non-specialists can understand her findings in respect of a child’s special educational needs. Dr Peer is committed to her work and incredibly well organised; I know when she’s been instructed by parents that the report will be produced within a sensible period of time and that she will work effectively with parents to help them understand the implications of her findings.“

“Dr Peer is a highly experienced Educational Psychologist and Practitioner Psychologist. A world-renowned specialist in Dyslexia and its impact on language, communication and learning, Dr Peer also champions individuals who present with a wide range of cognitive, emotional and neurodevelopmental disorders. She has supported many individuals and their families, to understand their difficulties. Her assessment reports are legendary and are frequently successful in supporting individuals to obtain an appropriate level of educational support.”

Karen McAtamney MA Oxf Solicitor-Advocate (Higher Courts Civil Proceedings), SEN Legal

Parent of dyslexic teenager, West London

Haley Rogoff, Paediatric Occupational Therapist, Co-Director Professional Minds, South Africa

Adam Otterway Friel, Solicitor, Sinclairslaw

Juanita Hurley, Independent Specialist Speech and Language Therapist.

Julie Hopkins, Reading

Robert and Laura Middleditch

Mr and Mrs Scrivener, London

Nigel Pugh, Managing Director, Education Advocacy

Bernadette McLean, Principal, Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre

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