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We help children, students and adults with special educational needs / learning differences. Experience in:  

We work with individuals in a relaxed, informal setting to unlock their full potential. We do this by helping them understand themselves, raise their motivation, improve self-esteem and, ultimately, achievement. We also offer practical suggestions for support at home and at school/college.


“Here at The Psychology Practice we regularly refer children and adolescents with whom we work to Dr Lindsay Peer when educational psychology assessment is needed. We do so confident in the knowledge that Lindsay always delivers an educational psychology service of the utmost expertise, professionalism and care.”  Dr Susan Krasner, Clinical Psychologist & Director, The Psychology Practice, Hertfordshire

It is very challenging as a parent to watch your child / adolescent struggling. Despite everyone’s best efforts, the gap between them and their peers is widening and it seems that little or nothing can be done to reverse that trend. Their school report might read ‘Should try harder; could do better.’ Your child may be beginning to give up. They may make comments such as ‘I’m dumb, thick and stupid’, and when you assure them that they are not, they answer with a comment such as ‘Well .. you would say that wouldn’t you. You’re my mum / dad / carer.’ As they get older, academic demands become greater … so do their problems.

Lindsay works with children and adolescents carrying out assessments which lead to greater self-understanding (when mature enough) and offers strategies to aid the learning process, designed to lead to improved academic and emotional outcomes. She understands the background both from home and from school prior to the formal assessment so that key people have input and will, hopefully, engage in the process.

For those with severe needs, when all else has failed, she often works alongside other professionals in a process which may lead to negotiation for enhanced provision, or for some a specialist school. Sometimes there is a need to attend Tribunals as an expert witness, a role in which she has many years’ experience.

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